Since March 2018 I’ve created more than 200 videos on my YouTube channel. In this page you find many of them organized in mini series in chronological order, from the most recent to the older ones.
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A solo road trip during the peak season of the foliage in New Hampshire and Vermont that took me to discover farms, forests and mountains. Feelings of liberation (from the Covid lockdown), hope (for the future of the world) and a hint of nostalgia (for my home country).

8 videos, 3h 50m

I started exploring Manhattan by bicycle (Broadway, Hudson River Greenway, the Cloisters) and I ended up taking one daily bike tour per borough: Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island and Queens. Each one in each episode of this series!

7 videos, 3h 25m

Is Covid going to be good or bad for the environment? Does the pandemic offer us the chance to stop climate change? Why did Covid-19 happened? Three videos where I present the results of my research about these topics. Sources of information are linked in the descriptions.

3 videos, 40m

A collection of videos where I compare my home country, Italy, to the ones I travel to. So far I’ve focused on the United States of America.

12 videos, 2h 20m

Just a few fun recipes (mainly Italian) to keep you entertained during those hard stay-at-home times in 2020…although people still request new recipe videos nowadays!

6 videos, 2h 35m

Solo cheap fun travel in 6 episodes through France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Adventure, cities, towns, old friends and night buses. I loved this trip. Last one before the pandemic.

7 videos, 1h 40m

From a foreign point of view I’m a local in this amazing city built on water. In this ongoing series I bring you to discover the traditional lived Venice, the side that remains disguised to mass tourism. Venezia is a city that is in big need of some genuine, authentic love and I’m trying to do my part to allow you give it to her.

5 videos, 50m

I’ve travelled and lived in New York City on insanely low budgets, without risking my life, my safety or my health. In this playlist you’ll find how I was able to do so and many more tips about experiencing this crazy expensive city without breaking the bank.

12 videos, 2h 30m

The n.1 tip from pro travellers: pack light. Whether you’re an over packer or you just want to improve your luggage, here’s a collection of my best tips to pack for months on a carry-on sized backpack and enjoy your trip in a more relaxed way.

5 videos, 55 m

A very random collection of vlogs I randomly shot in the past while visiting my family in my gorgeous home region. I hope to make better ones very soon.

14 videos, 4h

Starting in London, I spent two weeks slowly travelling all the way to Bergen, Norway. I did so alone, stopping every night in a different country, hosted by strangers and sleeping on their couches: Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo.

15 videos, 3h 40m

Couchsurfing is one of the most beautiful travel projects ever invented: it promotes education, cultural exchange and peace between countries. I’ve been a host and surfer of couches for many years and made several videos on how to use the platform at its best. You find them all here!

10 videos, 2h 10m

Norway doesn’t necessarily have to be scary when it comes to budgeting for a trip. In my several trips there, I learned how to enjoy this gorgeous part of Scandinavia without going broke.

8 videos, 1h 5m

How do I manage to travel full time for 500 euros a month? All my tips in this playlist.

16 videos, 2h 55m

I’ve been almost exclusively travelling solo for the past ten years. Here are a few tips on how to travel alone.

6 videos, 1h

A series about my one month trip to New York City (and elsewhere) which represented both my beginning of my full time traveller life and my YouTube channel. Cringeworthy vlogs but hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

13 videos, 3h


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