It’s a content and crowdfunding platform that allows creators to build private communities of supporters through creating extra content specifically for them and allows fans to fund the creative work with a monthly pledge of a small amount of money.


After registering to the website, supporters can choose the amount of money they want to pledge (minimum is $1) and the desired currency. Once they connect either their credit card or their PayPal, they’re going to get charged every 1st day of the month until they cancel their pledge.

What's the difference between YouTube and Patreon?

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I use the What a shame Mary Jane page on Patreon to create a smaller community closer to me as a creator.

If you’re here you know my YouTube channel. There I create weekly videos where I share my perspective on the world around me. I share my observations with the purpose of promoting certain values and a certain type of lifestyle.

As you’ve noticed I pay a lot of attention to keeping a real interaction with my audience: you might have realized at this point that on YouTube I answer to almost 100% of the comments under my videos. Maybe I’ve even answered to many of your comments there. The difference between YouTube and Patreon is that YouTube is a public platform and I have to take that into account when I write or say public things there. On Patreon I feel way more free to express not only my opinion, but also my doubts and my fears and maybe even some of those edgier kind of thoughts that i wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing publicly on YouTube.

Aside of answering to all the comments I also answer to all the emails that people send me personally. So far I’ve been able to answer to all of the people who have sent me an email, but I must say that it’s becoming harder and harder due to the number of emails that I’m getting. That’s why sometimes people have to wait up to two months or even more months to get an answer from me. On Patreon, instead, people have a preferential channel to communicate with me: I check my private mailbox there every day or every two days and I answer immediately to all the messages.

Also with this closer community I can post videos, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on YouTube, where I share more personal insights and more delicate kind of topics. So my patrons not only have access to the behind the scenes of my YouTube videos and in general to the project management of the entire channel What a shame Mary Jane, but they also get further and more in-depth reflections thoughts and experiences from me, with videos that are either lightly edited or not edited at all.

Why should you become a patron?

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The first reason to become a patron should be to support independent creators and independent thinkers. In a world that is becoming more and more globalized, more than ever we need to support local businesses, independent artists and small social entities in general. I have a Bachelor and Master degree in Philosophy and I worked hard to get a mental shape that allows me to think outside of the box and having a critical approach to any topic. I decided to bring the skills and knowledge I gained outside of the university, giving up a prestigious career in the academia and rather spread the products of my intellect outside of that niche. I think you realize how risky of a decision that is, but if you think I took a path that is beneficial for our society, if you think more philosophers should get out of the libraries and give their concrete contribution to the world, then maybe you should consider becoming a patron.

Second let’s get more concrete. Simply if you enjoy my videos on Youtube, if they make you learn something, if you feel enriched after you watch one of them, you could decide to gain access to more of that enriching content by joining my Patreon page.

Third, if you find yourself sharing many thoughts and views with the ones I expose in my videos, on Patreon you will find a community of likeminded people. You’ll find not only me, but other patrons like you who share a similar perspective.

Lastly, be aware that What a shame Mary Jane is my full time job. Not many people realize that a youtuber like me works like a full time employee or most likely more. Now many other influencers decide to monetize their social media by advertising products for companies, which is a very lucrative activity. I’ve never been comfortable with that idea and so far I’ve never made a brand deal. I do allow YouTube to put ads on my videos which gives me about 200-300 dollars per month – but I do it mostly because if I didn’t allow the ads the algorithm would penalize my videos -. My main income comes from my patrons and you can see the exact number from my Patreon page. If you join, with any amount, you’d be contributing at literally making What a shame Mary Jane possible.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

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Although I’m trying to build a quality community of people here I don’t want the financial matter to discriminate who can join and who doesn’t, so I kept my Patreon page without any tears. This means that whether you pledge one dollar or two hundred dollars per month you get the same exact benefits and you gain access to the same type of content.

Becoming my patron is technically very easy to do and to undo. You go to my Patreon page link (patreon.com/whatashamemaryjane), which you find in the description of each one of my videos on YouTube, you click on “become a patron”, you decide whatever amount you’d like to pledge each month with a minimum of one dollar and you add a payment method. PayPal is also available. From that moment you’ll be billed every first day of the month.

At any time you can edit your pledge, change the amount you want to pledge or delete your pledge all the way, in just a matter of two or three clicks. It’s really that easy.

If you’ve been an active member though, I have a favor to ask you. When you decide to delete your pledge I would like you to send me a message just to give me a an alternative way to contact you, because when you delete the pledge on Patreon I’m not able to see your email address anymore and I’m not able to contact you privately and that makes me a little bit sad. I think it’s very normal to delete a pledge, I don’t expect my patrons to be there forever, so it’s really not a problem for me and please don’t make yourself any problem letting me know that you decided to stop pledging. I will always be grateful for your support.


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