These are long format vlogs that are publicly released on my YouTube channel. I’ve personally written, filmed, produced and edited them all by myself. I like to leave them open for everyone to check out whenever they please. Nobody paid me to create these movies so if you learn something new from them and watching them gives you joy, consider supporting the work I’ve done with a tip.

Via Francigena - Walking in the Heart of Italy

As a travel influencer I commit to promote a sustainable kind of tourism, that is respectful of the local cultures and communities and that leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible. That’s why I decided to document my walking trip in Tuscany and Lazio along the Via Francigena, an ancient path that is nowadays officially “European Cultural Route”. A trip where the destination is the journey, along forests, fields and towns rich of history, acquiring a deeper sense of experiencing the local.

Experience background. I heard about an event organized by the Association Vie Francigene together with the local municipalities where people would walk the whole path from the North of France to the South of Italy in relays. The event was also opened to influencers, so I applied. My work has not been compensated financially, but we’ve been offered all the food and accommodation for free, plus a pair of shoes and a backpack from the technical sponsors.

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Land Conservation and Community Building

A vaste piece of gorgeous natural land in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was destined to be sold to real estate developers. The son of the owner saved it by creating a campground to pay for the expenses and then founded a community with the mission to live in harmony with nature, regenerate and respect the land. An exemplary case of land conservation that I needed to share and spread out in the world.

Experience background. During a solo road trip in New England I was looking for a free place to sleep in my car in exchange of some hours of work per day: that’s how I met the Sacred Nectar Sanctuary. Already the first day I was there I knew I wanted to make a video about it, which became a full documentary after my ten-days stay there. 

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How New Yorkers Can Make the Difference For Others

Seeing more and more people in need in that delicate frightening moment that’s been the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, a couple of immigrants decided to start preparing homemade meals for the community around them. The project gained more and more support of volunteers and donors until it became a successful non-profit organization that’s still active nowadays. An inspiring story of how anyone with few resources can do something good for others.

Experience background. Sasha and Mammad are friends from the neighborhood where I live. I’ve personally experienced all phases of the project, since the day they were looking for a kitchen big enough to start cooking the meals and my husband offered his restaurant as location for it.

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Until I’ll be able to, I will continue making occasional documentaries. This also depends on whether I’ll manage to cover the costs of buying/repairing filming gear, audio recording equipment, video editing software subscription, royalty free music websites subscription, hardware equipment, website maintenance (and actually make a living). If you’ve decided to support my work, thank you!!! Your tip will contribute to cover these costs.