I am an Italian born and raised in the region of Friuli, which is still my home and family base. After a Master thesis in Philosophy, where I researched the concepts related to the new digital world, I decided to get my hands dirty by actually becoming an active content creator in the World Wide Web.

I chose YouTube over other platforms because I think video is the most powerful and complete medium we have available nowadays and because YouTube itself is a social platform where thoughts can be better articulated, thanks to a longer average attention span of the viewer.

The topics of my channel vary from travel, digital nomadism, sustainable tourism to cultural comparisons, environmental sustainability, cycling vlogs. My audience is more interested in my approach to the world rather than specific topics and is attracted to the positive, energetic and reflective personality.

The purpose of my videos is mainly ethical, directed to discuss and shape our behaviour in the society and in the world.

I value critical thinking, common sense and raising questions rather than answering them.


One email per month where we’re currently discussing philosophy of social media